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Although applying paint to the exterior walls of your home might seem like an easy task, it needs to be handled properly to ensure high-quality results. Applying paint is not only about putting a bucket of paint on a roller and applying the paint evenly. It requires proper skills, training, and the use of specific tools. That’s why the best way to paint your exteriors is to hire a qualified painter like Burgess-Martin Painting Inc. We are professional painting contractors, and one of our specialties is exterior painting. If you plan to paint your exteriors in Truckee, CA, you can count on us.

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When Painting Exteriors

Painting the exteriors of your home seems like a fun DIY project. Perhaps, it’s even a weekend project that you’ve planned. But it’s not the most practical move. Your willingness to handle the project isn’t enough to give you a flawless result. The use of proper painting techniques is necessary as well. It is therefore better to let a qualified painting contractor handle the project. We’re always available to take on residential painting jobs. We deliver consistent results because we only use high-quality painting products and equipment.

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We Can Paint Your Exterior Walls!

Our exterior painting service employs the best practices and procedures to guarantee gorgeous outcomes. We’ll start by prepping the walls by removing any existing paint. We’ll clean the exterior walls and make sure that they are free from dust and dirt. We will then apply a primer to ensure that the new paint will stick and last. We’ll use the right paint products depending on the type of walls that you have and the finish that you want. We’ll also use proper methods when applying the paint, making sure that it is even and consistent. For your exterior walls to be painted, you know who to call.

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Hire a talented painter today! Transform beautifully.

Burgess-Martin Painting Inc is the professional painter that you can count on. Do you need help painting the exterior walls of your property in Truckee, CA? Give us a call at (530) 206-0678 today so we can start painting the walls right away!

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