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How to Find the Most Reliable Local Painter

How to Find the Most Reliable Local Painter

Tips to Help You Find the Painting Contractor You Can Fully Trust Your Home To

If you need some major part of your home repainted, you may not be willing to start another DIY project, and that is understandable. Professional painters not only perform better than unqualified homeowners but are also doing all of the painting tasks much quicker. Unfortunately, these days, it is very hard to find a painting contractor that can easily earn your trust. In order to help you find the type of service you are looking for, we recommend you to follow the next few tips:

  • Check whether the company you want to hire is fully licensed and has a public liability insurance against property damage. This will be your guarantee that the service which you are looking for will be performed with a quality guarantee, and in case the painters accidentally damage a possession of yours, you will be reimbursed.

  • Always look for a painter who can not only offer you painting services but the products at preferential prices as well. Commercial paints are much more durable than the ones you can find in your local home improvement store, so you better work with an experts who can order professional interior paint for you in any color you want.

  • Make sure the painting contractor that you hire does not work on an hourly basis but can offer you a final price for the entire project before your painting team arrives. If that price can be included in your contract, this will provide you with an extra piece of mind.

A reliable local company that homeowners highly recommend is Burgess-Martin Painting Inc. Our office is based in Truckee, CA. For more information regarding their prices and availability, you can contact us at (530) 206-0678!

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