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Helpful Tips for Staining Your House Deck

About Staining Your Decks!

Water damages a wood deck’s finish, whether it’s heavy rain or mountains of snow. If your deck stain repels water, it still effectively shields the wood. If not, it’s time to stain once more. Applying a strong stain could extend the lifespan of an old deck with splintered wood by a few years. The stain will seal any small cracks and hold the splinters in place. Follow this advice from painting experts when staining your deck.

Check the Forecast

Wood stain can peel and break if it is applied to moist wood. When it hasn’t rained in a few days, and at least two days of dry weather between 50° and 90° F in the forecast, stain dry wood. Faster drying is encouraged by low to average humidity levels. Another issue with staining is direct sunlight stains. Before the wood can absorb it, the stain will dry too quickly.

Prep the Surface

For the stain to attach properly to the wood, it must be clean and free of stains. Sand the splintered areas first while protecting your lungs from dust by donning a safety mask. Use a putty knife to clean in between the boards after sweeping the deck. Deck cleaning should be used to clean the wood. You could also use a pressure washer, but in that case, it will take the wood two to three days to dry.

We advise contacting a professional competent to properly remove the finish, dust, and debris from a deck constructed before 2004 if it is flaking. That’s because, before 2004, most decks were constructed from lumber that had undergone pressure treatment with chromated copper arsenate (CCA) to prevent rot and insects.

Use the Right Brushes

Synthetic brushes are the best tools for applying a water-based stain to the wood. On the other hand, natural bristles can become limp as they absorb water in the finish because they are hollow and can lose their stiffness. Like a roller better? Use a nap that is no longer than 14 inches. This makes it possible to apply a stain in a thin layer that adheres to the wood without pooling.

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