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Confused by All the Different Types of Painters Available

Confused by All the Different Types of Painters Available

What Is the Job Description of a Residential Painting Contractor

A residential painting contractor is someone that paints such things as interior and exterior walls, trims, porches etc. They could have specialized knowledge to be able to choose the right kinds of paint for jobs, and with adding details such as texturing and borders. Some could also have equipment that permits them to reach high places such as second story windows.

The main job of this type of tradesman is to apply paint in any form within homes. Many houses no longer need exterior paint, due to the use of vinyl siding, however, some homeowners still like the look of wood, and could need the expertise of a painter. Sometimes, a contractor could hire out the work to painting subcontractors, whilst others could perform the work themselves to receive a bigger profit. Several contractors do both.

The advantages of calling in a residential painting contractor instead of doing the job yourself are less work for the homeowner, a professional looking job, and the advantage of having specialized tools or equipment that permit the job to be done much faster and smoother. Instances, extensions for rollers to get to higher places, specialized ladders, and the knowledge of how to do perform details such as wall texturing.

In some places, a painting contractor takes the same exam as a general contractor. Sometimes, they may have to take a separate one. Tests are given by the city or county, and books are available to study. Once the exam has been passed, a contractor will obtain their license, this allows them to start working within their area. Additional licenses, like a business one, could also be required.

Special training is not required to become a professional painting contractor. Many learn whilst working on the job. Some regions could need a certification program for painters; however, this is not that common in many areas.

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