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An Exquisite Painter!

With Burgess-Martin Painting Inc, you can expect to receive a dependable and brilliant painting service, and I guarantee you will come out smiling once you see the results! If you live in the Truckee, CA area and you’re ready to break free and make your home into something more elegant and beautiful than before – talk to me, and I’ll execute all your ideas!

My Services

Interior Painting

Interior Painting

I’ve had the pleasure of working on countless properties and being the first to notice how desperately necessary a new coat of paint was! And customers have trusted me to be the one to provide the flawless finish because I assured them they would see beauty in the end, and not once have I let down anyone!

Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

When you need someone to make the outside of your home as beautiful as the inside, there is no better choice than booking me! Even though the exterior is rough and more difficult to paint, I’ve found the perfect ways to adorn any surface, no matter the texture! I can guarantee the results.



I could proudly call myself a wood staining contractor because I’ve mastered the art of staining, which is a beautiful way to make a wooden surface gleam! I can make any surface perfect with my staining methods, and if you want your home to benefit from my capabilities and experience, call and request my skills!

Fine Finishes

Fine Finishes

As a contractor, there was no way I could do my job without knowing the perfect methods to accomplish a beautiful touch by the process of staining. That’s after the majority of the painting is complete, and it’s something that works towards even more elegance and beauty! We can discuss different kinds of fine finishes, and I’ll do anything you ask me!

Snow Removal

Snow Removal

Removing snow requires strength and precise movements, and the snow does not cause issues. I’ve removed snow from countless properties, and it’s all been worth it every day because I could see how happy people were when they didn’t have to do the hard job themselves! 

Quality Painting Service in Truckee, CA!

Quality All The Way 

Quality is not only wanted but expected whenever you’re dealing with something around the home, such as renovation, remodeling, or something of the construction sort. But sometimes, the time you have or the knowledge you possess is not enough to offer the quality your property deserves, and that’s when people start wondering what they should do. Well, call someone who works professionally in the line of service provision and get the perfection you want!

If you Need Wood Staining in Truckee, CA, contact Burgess-Martin Painting Inc!

Perfection Is What I Offer

As a painter, I have no choice but to offer perfection because residential painting is a beautiful way to make any property look as outstanding as possible, and if it’s not done right, then why get it done at all? If there are chips and clumps of paint on the walls, what’s the point of painting at all! But you don’t have to worry about any infractions when I take the project into my hands, because I am an absolute perfectionist and I will re-check my work until everything is splendid!

Call (530) 206-0678 and Reach the Top Rated Staining Contractor in Truckee, CA!

The Areas I Serve 

I’ve always wanted to be that contractor people look up to and seek for work around the home because I understand beauty and have worked hard to get to the expert level I am today. I have decided to put my services out for more people in the area listed below – check it out!

  • Hinton, CA
  • Boca, CA
  • Polaris, CA
  • Floriston, CA
  • Hobart Mills, CA

For Affodable Staining in Truckee, CA, call us at (530) 206-0678!

Call Burgess-Martin Painting Inc for painting skills as you’ve never seen! Your home deserves to be beautiful on the inside and the outside! Much to your joy, I’ve mastered the art and can guarantee excellent, exquisite results! And I’ll also ensure there are no snow piles in your way anywhere on your property in Truckee, CA!

Burgess-Martin Painting Inc

Truckee, CA 96161

(530) 206-0678

Client’s Testimonial

by Harley Robson on Burgess-Martin Painting Inc
The Perfect Staining Process!

I couldn't believe my luck - the staining process I was privy to was brilliant! This guy wielded that brush so expertly! His measured strokes and delicate touch make the inside of my home perfect! In a few months, I will be needing some fine exterior painting, and I know exactly where to look for the perfect contractor!

Janet Mourning
Janet Mourning
We have used Burgess-Martin for our exterior staining several times and have a great result. Recently hired them to paint the interior for small addition and refresh in the main house. They have done a very thorough and professional job throughout. Their employees are professional, respectful and pleasant to have in my home. I would highly recommend them


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